Silo Sessions w/ Josh Ritter: See His 13-Song Livestream Set

Last night (March 24) Josh Ritter went live on YouTube and Facebook to bring fans an intimate acoustic set. Ritter kept it simple, sitting down on his couch in front of a computer with just a guitar in hand. The almost hour-long set was filled with some of Josh Ritter’s biggest hits alongside a few special covers.
Josh Ritter had a few words to say before starting his set,
“I know this is an incredibly strange and weird and perplexing and really downright scary time and all I want to do is just play some music.”
The set kicked off with Ritter performing his song “Bright Smile” and continued with sing-a-longs such as “The Temptation of Adam,” “Girl in the War” and “Here at the Right Time.”
Ritter also blessed fans with his rendition of Lee Marvin’s “Wand’rin’ Star,” which he has only ever played one other time, and Bruce Springsteen’s “The River,” which he has not played since 2014.
The singer-songwriter even brought back a few of his older hits such as “The Bride,” which he hasn’t performed since 2018 and only a handful of times. Also, his song “Can’t Go to Sleep (Without You)” hasn’t been performed since 2014 and he brought it back for this special set.
Another highlight from Ritter’s Livestream was the fact that he was using it to help raise money for Win, a nonprofit organization to support and shelter women and children in need in New York City during these difficult times.
Ritter’s wife Haley came in about halfway through the Livestream to let everyone know how much money was being raised and give thanks to those who donated. His daughter also popped in for a bit to show support for her mom and dad.
Ritter made sure to close his set on a happy note, as per the request of his wife, so he ended the Livestream with his song “Getting Ready to Get Down.”
Check out the entire 13-song setlist right here:
Josh Ritter (March 24)
The set was full of beautiful acoustic melodies and riffs. It was only Ritter’s voice and his guitar and it was more than enough to move the thousands of people watching. Ritter will continue his Silo Sessions again next Tuesday so be sure to check them out on his YouTube channel.
You can check out last nights full Livestream here:

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