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Re: Bungle, Yeah, I lucked out with the AmEx presale on wed and got a ticket to the SF & LA shows... I may still try to get a ticket to the 2nd LA show... I'm flying down on points; so at least that'll be cheap. LOL

Re: Zorn, I decided this year to see Zorn any chance I could... so I'm flying to NYC for his Village Vanguard run in Oct/Nov. I lucked out in that it wasn't Bagatelles, but the New Masada Quartet (with Julian Lage on guitar). See Masada with a guitar focus should be interesting.

Hot tip, Zorn has done residencies three times at The Chapel in SF... two in May; so I'm putting May on my "fly to SF" radar from here on out. :)

I'm going through and changing The Ritz Ybor setlists chronologically so I will stop for now. If you do contact him it would be nice to know where the Masquerade was previously located. I am hoping that the Masquerade shows we have listed were played there and not that the Masuerade promoted shows at the Ritz Theatre when it was called that.

Working backwards then "The Ritz Ybor" opens in 2008 after the Masquerade closes in 2006. The Masquerade moves to the Ritz Theatre space around 1999 but was open in a different space before that. At this point we don't know where the Masquerade was located originally or exactly when it first opened. The Ritz Theatre name was used until around 1999 when it became the Masquerade. Sound right?

From what I can find on the internet I think the Masquerade moved to the Ritz space sometime in 1999. I Read an article about the closing of Masquerade that implied it opened there 7 years before that. We also had only one Ritz setlist on our site between 2000-2007 and that was unsourced by a User who constantly guesses at venues. So that is a start at least.

No problem. I am going to have to do some research and see if I can come up with the dates the Masquerade moved to the Ritz space and other details so we can get these done right.

So it sounds like the Masquerade opened at a different location before moving to the space that became The Ritz Ybor? And during the time it was at the other location the Ritz venue was being occupied and called the Ritz Theatre or Ritz Theater? If so we'll change the setlists to reflect that and try to pin down when the Masquerade moved into the the Ritz space if that is possible.

Thanks for creating entries for the W-Festival. Next time you do so, please make sure you pick the right venue (Expo Waregem) and festival name (

From what you're saying I'm guessing that until 2006 the name flip-flopped between the Ritz Theatre/Ritz Theater and Masquerade. Starting in 1908 the official name became "The Ritz Ybor" and Masquerade was no longer used but Ritz Theatre may have still been used by some people. It makes it hard to assign Ritz Theatre as an alias to either one.

I'm going to be reluctantly merging Ybor City into Tampa in a little while because it is a "neighborhood" and not a separate municipality. There are already some venues located in Ybor City that are in our Tampa listings.
This would be the venue:

That you listed this setlist at:

I will merge that venue into Masquerade listed in Tampa unless you feel there is a reason not to and update the venues later too...thought you'd like to know

Hi Alan...thank you for your comment regarding my multiple DNC shows. Honestly, its well over a hundred times. And I have some more stubs to post, but sadly, I saw them many times in small pay-at-the-door clubs.

BTW, I am blown away that your page lists 996 different artists! :O

Seems like the State Theatre in Saint Petersburg closed in June 2018 but was then going to reopen in the fall but didn't and scheduled concerts were cancelled. Apparently they are trying to reopen. You're probably right that we should have it closed in 2018. If it reopens we can always take off the closed date.

Thanks to your support, I have completed the Melt-Banana setlists in September 2016. : )

Thanks for the addition. I have made some quick fixes. Later, will do more. : )

Thanks for posting Melt-Banana setlists in Japan. I have made some fixes on them. : )

Hey Alan, I saw your setlist of Billy Strings on 3/10/18 at Gasparilla and was wondering if you knew of any recordings from that show? Hoping to be able to go back and relisten!

Thanks for the clarification. By the time I saw them, they were called the Funky Meters. It'd be kinda like seeing Starship in 1985 and saying it was Jefferson Airplane. LOL

I was at the Funky Meters show at Nita's Hidaway on 03/13/01 and still have the ticket stub. The band was listed as The Funky Meters, not The Meters. I've tried changing it back but now it's not letting me. Why did you make this change?

dude, careful adding shows you didn't go to. Strawberry Girls didn't make it to this show, so this setlist needs to be deleted.

Hey man, is there any reason you're going through the Deafheaven setlists and removing the tour heading? There's literally no reason to do this.

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