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hi, I did not find opening act for modern English in Buddy magazine from april 83, sometimes a review will be in next month buddy issue, but im in june 83 now and no, dallas morning news usually lists opening acts, but usually only lists large venues such as Reunion, try there, if I find something I let u know

Hi, just saw you message from last week just now. So far my family and I are all healthy. These radio shows are a bright spot for me every day.

I hope you are fine yourself?

Hey! Sorry for the late response, all gigs even our small bar gigs have been cancelled/postponed... hoping for the best but it's looking like it'll be a while before shows start happening again... glad I got to see a bunch of good shows recently

Good catch
Last 2 Ryan Hurd shows will be deleted
He’s already rescheduled Kansas City show for Oct.

Ryan Hurd show was originally posted on his website
Which is where I got the info
Likely forgot to add info in comment section

I will have it deleted
Was likely canceled like the other 1000s of shows!

Thxs. dr al

Be careful on WA, OR, and CA event additions. Effective now WA & CA have bans on events over 250 people and CA over 500 people.

haha yep, I watched the livestream the next day and had the same thought as I was making the setlist for it. Well it was his birthday , I'll cut him some slack. :)

It was a very special show, for sure! I have a few videos I will upload to youtube today. Only I was front row so the angle is wonky. .

Re: Robyn Hitchcock last night at the Chapel. He said, right before playing "Earl's Court", that he had never played that song live before. So I wonder if the 2011 listing under a different name was a mistake by the contributor.

Yes. Sting actually did 4 songs post show, but i dont recall the name of one. Have fun!

Until September 18th.... lol
Just joshing ya.... was hoping he did change up yesterday just for you. Best, benny

No worries. We have to figure out how how to handle foreign phrases that have been accepted as English terms as we don't have a clear rule on them. I was editing another setlist when that one popped up. I wouldn't have been so 'curt' if I had really noticed you did the edit. Time to sign off for the night.

Yes! BOLERO! are friends of mine and i’ve been to a lot of their gigs and played gigs alongside them, i’ll try and fill in what i can

Sorry if i entered an inaccurate date for CVB in Asbury. 90% of my edits are because i attended and any other is because i was relatively certain. But, i naturally could have erred in judgment.

Thanks! I will add more songs that I remember!

Yes, they played some songs like Secret or Like a Virgin!

3 musicians played a 27 minutes set of some fado and Madonna songs (no voice) before Madonna started (Jan 12). They were @gaspar_varela @miroca_paris @carlos.milhomens (this is the correct instagram of Carlos Milhomens) (instagram users).

Geez. Good catch! Thanks!!

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