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Hi, I saw you changed some setlists where I attended the concerts. For example

Edits were wrong, please give source or proof when you do such changes.

Hi, I looked at your edit for Colin Blunstone's 'Miles Away' being a cover of the band Complex. However, apart from the song being written by Stephen John Coe, I see no evidence the song was ever recording by Complex.
According to its first release was on the Colin Blunstone single in '81.

There is however a release called Mitchell / Coe Mysteries - Exiled, that features the same Blunstone song/recording ( but this album, nor artist collaboration is not on MusicBrainz, so I can't link the song to it. I will revert back to the song being a Blunstone song, until the Mitchell/Coe project is created on MB.

Yes sir. Looks right to me.

Here you can see who played with and how many times and what songs
not finished yet though.

It works, did Oye como va & Evil Ways.
So you don't have to make literally thousands of edits

I believe I may be able to batch edit all those guests singers, will try with one, and next week or when I have time will continue.


When moving the order of the songs, it may be better to use the arrows. With your last edit for Paul McCartney it looks like the songs you moved (with red background) disappeared. I think that was the idea the designers or programmers of this website had in mind.

or else you can wait until tomorrow and change the date :)

Better to report fake or duplicate setlist through the button report a problem, otherwise nobody, unless they're subscribed, may notice it who can delete a setlist.

Do you know about the Advanced Search tool when double clicking on the magnifying glass in the search box on top of the page?

I knew I had to recreate another version of Badfinger for
Yes it's complicated, probably all legal matter.

Another site about Badfinger I found to assign the performed songs to is


Do you agree that the 1984 version of Badfinger should also be called Joey Molland's Badfinger or not? Give your opinion.
In my wikipedia link it says
Molland's career since 1983 has been with various rock groups and duos, and performing tours under the Badfinger name or as "Joey Molland's Badfinger". Earlier versions of these groups sometimes included original Badfinger drummer Mike Gibbins.

Yesterday or the day before you asked me to lock which i obliged to. Now that message on my profile page seems to have disappeared, so only your negative remarks on my profile page, which are undeserved in my opinion, are visible.

Given you've had a long history (since 2013 that is) of adding fake setlists and edits, and other mods have been in correspondence with you about this, you're not Joe Public. You seem to be focusing for a couple of weeks on one artists to make wrong suggestions without any proof.

If I remember well you made comments on other people's profile page and promised to do your best to make this site as best as possible.
Why not try to start listing sources for the setlists you upload? What may be evident for you is not evident for everyone.
A small effort for you, a large result for everyone.
Or is this also one of the policies you don't agree to?
Remember this site is not about you but about the community.

Just have a look at how many mods have written remarks on your profile page I may have upset people because I asked them to follow the guidelines which you don't seem to follow always either. Some people learn from their mistakes.