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Thanks for setting up the Monolord tour!

The Fillmore's website uses the more modern vertical logo that just says The Fillmore New Orleans and I noticed the other night that most the employees were wearing shirts with that logo on it. They have the old logo at the bottom of the site by the contact info, but honestly The Fillmore at Harrah's New Orleans is a bit wordy and probably unnecessary, and can just be used as an alias.

Hi, regarding the Grand Magus setlist in NOLA - I believe they played the same set as the previous show in Atlanta. I don't have the exact song names in front of me right now, but you can just copy that set for NOLA.

Yessir. Atcherservice.

Heya! Thanks for the comments on the ST 37 sets! We appreciate it!

Hi Tom, I have checked "Iino hall" you have created and found nothing wrong.
I have added some basic info with the venue. : )

I did the festival correction as per our request. For some reason the new dates take a while to be recognized and the setlists to be assigned to the festival. What always puzzles me is that if you try to manually assign a setlist to the festival it tells you that it is already assigned. This always happens...You may want to check back on the festival in the next couple of days to see if it is right.

Hi, regarding The Crusaders at Nakano Sunplaza in 1978 and 1979, one of their fans pointed that bootleg as 16 Mar. 1979 show was actually recorded on 16 Mar. 1978.
I know the Crusaders did not visit Japan in 1979 actually.
Though the explanation is in Japanese only (but with some photo from tour books), I found it is trustworthy. May I edit these two setlists?

I can't really say which Crusaders it was. They were just a name on a list. It's definitely possible I chose the wrong one. If a different one makes sense feel free to change it. Thanks

Thanks so much for adding & updating Amo Amo!!
Appreciate the help my friend.

The AllWays Lounge & Theatre is up and running. I'm plowing thru California venues right now which will take forever even if I don't tackle SF and LA.

Oh, definitely no worries. It’s tough on these collaborations.

Glad you didn't mind me making the alteration(s)... Got to see Larry lots of times when I was living in London, there was even talk of me and a mate (who had a van) being roadies for him... which didn't pan out for one reason... Saw Lunar Malice about a dozen times. I have a list I made at the time of the gigs they did and where I saw them. Just need to find it... Good times!

Hi! Please be very careful with addresses. This is the address that you put for Siete Family Foods in Austin:
3571 Far West Blvd., #200
Austin, Texas 78731

That address is a mailbox in the PostNet office (kind of like a PO Box):

If you don't know the actual location of those broadcasts/webcasts, it is Ok to use the name of broadcast/webcast in its place (In this case "Café con Siete").

Beat Beat Beat:
I think on this page you can see only the broadcast date, when it was shown on TV. Not the really date of the show, when it was recorded. But this is the problem of the most shows on TV on setlist.
You posted a setlist for Terry Reid's opening performance at the Stones concert in Boston 1969. Would you know where I might find a recording of Terry's set?

Konstanz 1970:
The performance days don't have to be right. If you find more information, please fix it.

Certainly. I think I got a phone call right as I was checking it out. I am still working on the Belfast venues but when I finish that all the major NI venues that I can find information about will be done.

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