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Dag Dirk,

ze streamen dit weekend alle Zomerbar-concerten op de website van Proximus Pickx! Hier heb je de link: https://www.proximus.be/pickx/nl/festivals/rockwerchter/live


Hello Dirk,
thanks for your answer. When I read the discussion in your link, the solution suggested by pomes27 is “[translated title] @Cover[Bob Dylan] @Info[French version of (original title)]”. Your change was "(translated title (english title) @Cover[XYZ]".

Hi Dirk,
you changed today "Je veux te graver dans ma vie" in Johnny Hallyday setlists into "Je veux te graver dans ma vie (Got to Get You Into My Life)". Don't know whether this is correct as in all youtube videos I saw he only sang French lyrics. But it's ok.
The reason for my complaint is the following: Normally when moderators make a batch edit, I don't get a message. But today I got nearly 450 emails. Is it possible to go back to the old way, that moderators can do batch edits without sending emails?
Thanks in advance,

Re "Just wondering why you created a completely different edition of the Glastonbury Festival here https://www.setlist.fm/festivals/glastonbury-festival-4bd63b76.html  . I'm sure you're aware this festival exists already 50 years.
If the venue is a stage or a bar on the site of Worthy Farm, this shouldn't be listed seperately since we don't use the name of different stages for a festival. If it's a bar in the centre of the city, you need to ask to delete this edition of the festival and link it to the one which was organised already several times."
Ok, have had that festival entry removed.

Thank You :-) Stay Safe!!!!

I've started editing all your requests. Thank you

Writing to request you take a look at this forum post and weigh in. https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/artists-residence-is-lockdown-live-stream-location--ok-to-keep-private-33d7b0fd
Artist is doing live streams from home. I had listed the location as Private Venue, Devon(County), England since the Artist has ALWAYS stated their home location as Devon in England, never specifying the village. For seven years in thousands of interviews and articles with the Artist and his celebrity spouse, as well as on these live streams “I’m at home in Devon", I’m at my home recording studio in Devon”. The U.S., UK and European media have also only ever named their home as Devon since that’s what Artist states, per the EU privacy laws/GDPR.

pomes27 found one gossip "article" on a Devon news site listing the name of the village vs 837,000 other web search results that list just Devon. pomes27 changed the venue location and when I asked to revert back to Devon, per his suggestion I posted in the forum for other Moderator opinions.

I understand that these livestream setlists are already an exception to the normal site guidelines but I’m requesting to respect and maintain the privacy of the Artist that the press also allows, and list the location for the live streams as Private Residence, Devon, England. If the Artist or spouse ever publicly identify the village then I would update.

Thank you for checking it out if you have the time.

The virtual BXBW festival was May 2020 as listed, utilizing (in this case) recordings from December 2018, at a time when such an event is otherwise not possible.
Does setlist disregard all events where artists appear to a pre recorded performance?
I think to list 'virtual' events by established artists, doing so to support the future of live music, is valid.

By disregarding 'virtual' gigs during lockdown for which attendees are invited to pay to participate, you are not really entering into the spirit of what the bands and promoters are trying to achieve at this unprecedented time. Surely its inclusion would be a valid record of the artists attempt to maintain some inertia at a time where it is otherwise impossible.

Definitely was an oversight on my end, I don’t remember seeing the venue on the site but I just looked at the poster and it says “First Presbyterian Church Concert Hall, San Anselmo, CA”. Sorry about that, I’ll change it.

Moonalice document and archive all their gigs on their own website:


You might enjoy seeing this poster below. We already have this show recorded here, but it's the first time I've ever seen a poster for it:


It turns out that the section of the guidelines I was talking about is still there, I just couldn't find it!

"Note that the same additional information for all shows of the day is not a valid identifier. So always be sure to note which show was played at what time of the day."

I hope this makes sense?

Thanks for getting back to me, I have seen your new edit just now.

I didn't follow your original source link. Online sources can go offline or move to new URLs. We should try to summarise any found information information in a structured and consistent fashion on our database.

Unfortunately, "@Info[two shows]" isn't really good enough. You should differentiate between which is which. I like to imagine it as a brand new user searching for a show they remember attending 30 years ago: all known information should be as obvious and easy to them to see.

I think that there used to be a section in the guidelines about differentiating between multiple shows on a single day with an @Info tag - it looks like it has been removed in preparation of the new set times feature. I'll post in the forum to check with Michi about what to do in cases when we don't always have information of doors and stage times - hopefully this can be added to the guidelines before the set times feature goes fully live.

I've just noticed that you've added two setlists for The Posies at the same venue on the same date. I'm not sure if they are duplicates or early show/late show. Please could you edit accordingly?


If you want to say something to me, ask someone else to do it because i don't respect you.

En mauvais anglais puis en bon français.

Hello Dirk

I am sorry if I created a duplicate for a concert hall or for a concert itself.
It’s totally involuntary of me.

With all the information I put on the site, will you excuse me one mistake or other?

I don’t think I received an automatic warning from the site.
Previously, I have already received warnings warning me of a possible duplicate.
In these cases, I either check what is appropriate and adjust the information or, if it is not appropriate to what was intended, I do not put anything at all.

If for the concert of Philip Catherine and Larry Coryell or Larry Coryell and Philip Catherine or Philip Catherine or simply Larry Coryell (you have to see in which denomination it was imported on the site), I had the information, I would have simply added my presence to this concert.

As for the rooms of Ancienne Belgique, I know perfectly well that there are 2.
The main and that café concert on the floor. I attended many concerts below and another above (Quest).

If I made a double for the room, you’ll excuse me.
There must have been some sort of squeak, that I couldn’t find the name of the concert hall that matched the concert in question.

You’re also asking me not to put the exact address of the concert hall.
But if I did it, it was for your own sake.
For the concerts I attended in the concert hall «Ancienne Maison de la Presse», you explicitly asked me where it was. I told you about that.
It is only for this reason that I put the precise address so that you can verify for yourself the existence of a concert hall at the place I indicate.
I guess you don’t know either.
This thought you’d save yourself some work.

Now you’re asking me not to …

It’s up to you.

Have a good weekend.


Bonjour Dirk

Je suis bien désolé si j’ai créé un doublon pour une salle de concert ou pour un concert lui-même.
C’est totalement involontaire de ma part.

Avec la masse d’informations que j’ai mise sur le site, tu m’excuseras une erreur ou l’autre ?

Je ne pense pas avoir reçu un avertissement automatique de la part du site.
Précédemment, j’ai déjà reçu des avertissements me mettant en garde d’un éventuel doublon.
Dans ces cas là, soit je vérifie ce qui convient et ajuste les informations soit, si cela ne convient pas à ce que comptais mettre, je ne mets rien du tout.

Si pour le concert de Philip Catherine et Larry Coryell ou Larry Coryell et Philip Catherine ou Philip Catherine ou encore simplement Larry Coryell (il faut voir dans quelle dénomination il a été importé sur le site), j’avais eu l’information, j’aurais simplement ajouté ma présence à ce concert.

Quant aux salles de l’Ancienne Belgique, je sais parfaitement qu’il y en a 2.
La principale et celle que café concert à l’étage. J’ai assisté à de nombreux concerts en dessous et à un autre au-dessus (Quest).

Si j’ai fait un doublon pour la salle tu m’en excuseras.
C’est qu’il a dû y avoir un couac quelconque, que je n’ai pas trouvé la dénomination de la salle de concert qui correspondait au concert en question.

Tu me demandes aussi de ne pas mettre l’adresse exacte de la salle de concert.
Mais si je l’ai fait, c’est à ton intention personnelle.
Pour les concerts auxquels j’ai assistés dans la salle de concert « Ancienne Maison de la Presse », tu m’as explicitement demandé où elle se trouvait. Je t’ai répondu à ce sujet.
C’est uniquement pour cette raison que j’ai mis l’adresse précise afin que tu puisses vérifier par toi-même de l’existence d’une salle de concert à l’endroit que j’indique. Je crois bien deviner que tu ne connais aucune des deux.
Ceci pensant t’épargner un peu de travail.

Maintenant tu me demandes de ne pas le faire …

C'est comme tu veux.

Bonne fin de semaine.


You commented on my profile regarding two Yo La Tengo shows listed for Oct 5, 1991- my source for all setlists pre-2005 is sunsquashed:

hi. are you able to delete the venue "Totara Street, Tauranga, New Zealand" from the database. the correct venue is "Totara Street, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand". It's confusing people when they upload setlists and shouldn't have been created. I've edited the three setlists that had the incorrect venue, so that now there are no setlists associated with the latter

Most of the recents gigs I added are from near were I live (in the Basque Country), and are done due to an online movement (mostly in Instagram/YouTube). Many artists play live, streaming it, and there are a lot that I can't give any link cause they uploaded into instagram stories.
In the other hand, with most known/famous bands, I usually put the YouTube/whatever link to show that it happened. If there are some misunderstandings, I'm sorry.

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