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Do you have any more information about the concert that you listed here:
My father-in-law was the bassist for Trax, the band that opened that night, and I'm trying to gather any pictures, articles, or audio relating to his old band for a Christmas gift. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer!!


Which city should Jubilation be in? Euless?

Not having much luck with the Carrolton/Coppel Longbranch. I don't think it was the same venue as Denton but could be wrong. I found some details about that one in the NTSU student newspaper. Some of our listings for that venue might be for the other one tho.

Yes, kind of. Several times a day, not once a day.

For these two 1987 Dallas Texas shows you added for The Urge, it's best to add the band you added in their own separate database if you can. During the time in 1987, members of The Urge was still attending Webster Grove School in Missouri and their first major performance took place in a neighborhood in Missouri in 1988. So it's very unlikely this was the same band as the ones you've added for the 1987 Texas shows.

Well, without going too much into detail. Most of the time artists should be imported from musicbrainz quite fast, hours/days and not weeks. Artists get imported faster when there's nothing crucial missing when they get created (like a missing primary English alias if they have not allowed characters in their name). It also might help to submit the mbid in the import form some hours after the creation, not immediately after:

I never found anything to indicate there were two separate venues or not either. Probably a better chance of you finding something in Buddy.

This was probably done by a Moderator or Admin?
Your right, however. They should have removed the extra option and only made the one field available.

Best, Al

I think it was a different venue prior to 1993 but until we know for certain I would hold off creating a new venue and moving those shows. You would have to do it manually and that would be a PITA especially if we aren't certain. But if you want to, feel free to do so.

Do they list the earlier shows as being at Cowboys Dance Hall or just 'Cowboys'?

The Google map seems to show Muddy Creek Preserve is in Wylie even tho the Sachse site implies it is in that municipality. So I left it in Wylie and adjusted the name. The access roads are probably in Sachse as well as some of the preserve itself

Don't know if you can access Facebook but The HOP page says The Aardvark was later opened in the same space. We already had the same address for both so I have added opening/closing dates for both tho the closing date for The HOP could have been in 1994.

Santana concert was either rescheduled or Buddy messed up. I merged it out.

You'd be surprised at how many people will add a new venue as Leah's if Leah's Saloon is the only thing that shows up when they enter Leahs. I'm adding aliases too.

Leah's Saloon as the venue name or alias?

I pushed the closing date into 1988. We can change the details later

The local papers probably continued to use the old name because the new name didn't catch on. It seems the venue stopped holding shows in 1988 but it doesn't seem to have left any internet footprint. Let's leave it as is for now and I'll add a comment and if you want to move the 1987 shows from 500 Cafe that is up to you.

Do you think we have the wrong (Nov 86) closing date for the 500 Cafe?

A few new changes have been made in venue configurations this week so that could be a factor in the problem.


I can't find anything on the internet about earlier DCL venues either. I'm just posting the comment below on the venue page and if anything turns up later we'll deal with it then. Chances are that there is a "City Limits" venue, or more than one, in most cities.

There has been more than one venue with the name "Dallas City Limits" or "City Limits" over the years. The venue on Spangler Road opened in 1987.

That Don White info was all I found on that festival, while doing some googling for the DOn White that was at the recent Greenwich Village Folk festival. I'll see what else I can track down on that Festival this week on my days off. Hope you are well there in Texas my friend.

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