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Do you know who Modern English opened for at this venue? They were touring with Berlin around this time

Oops. I accidentally deleted your venue post with this address. If you know what venue it was please repost it.

11449 North Fwy
Houston, TX 77060

The RHCP show in 1986 eems to have been at Cardi's. No shows from 1982-1986 listed on our website but the flyer seems to confirm it. Very Strange.

Scott, being a healthcare worker sucks right now...stress wise...lots of mis-information and panic flying is definitely bad for people 60 and over, or people with underlying health problems like emphysema, COPD, cardiac issues, diabetes....Almost every show I had scheduled days off for has been cancelled or postponed until further notice here in Louisiana as well....schools are shut down until April 13th, restaurants look like ghost towns, and people have gone crazy hoarding food, supplies etc. Some bright spots on the horizon...clinical trials are supposed to start in Washington state tomorrow on a possible vaccine. In 28 years as a frontline healthcare worker, I've been face to face with HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis A, B, C, the Flu, Tuberculosis, and Necrotizing fasciitis (the flesh eating bacteria)...I guess it comes with the job, but I think it's always good to be a little scared, and not get too confident... that's when you start making mistakes.

Since Friday midnight all bars and restaurants are closed till April 3. During weekend non food shops are also closed. With what we know since how it evolved in China, this should have happened much sooner.
At work we only have to go one day a week, rest of the week is telework.

In my opinion the EDS grounds that was where the shows were held was owned by EDS but not technically on the campus itself. But because all contemporaneous listings (and later ones too) always use this (or just Starfest) as the venue that this is what we should use. And the address is the only one given that we should use too especially as the whole area seems to have been changed.

Just letting you know that the Powerman 5000 Texas show you added for January 13th, 2005 never happened.
They were originally advertised as a support act for Saliva for a mini Texas tour that month, but the band later confirmed they had to cancel their appearance, due to personal band members related issues. A source of this was saved on a Blabbermouth article from 2005.

So that would seem to indicate that Park Central WAS different from the EDS grounds. They were probably close but not the exact same place.

Here's what I THINK was going on with the Starfest festival/concert series. I think it was held held at the "EDS grounds" until 1985. There are listings in the Dallas Magazine and local newspapers that give that venue. In all instances when they give an address it is 7171 Forest Lane. But from your comments and blog posts I don't believe the venue was on the EDS campus grounds but rather "outside the fence" but probably still on property owned by EDS. I plan on using the 7171 address as it is all we've got.

I'm not concerned with the Starfest being eliminated from the venue name because I have become convinced that (at least for a few years) this was a concert series that was initially organized by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and it was only much later that it became a true festival. I think when EDS sold the property sometime in 1985 it was never held there again and probably moved to the Park Center. I don't think that was the same venue but am not absolutely positive.

Electronic Data Systems moved to Plano in 1985. I have to do research on the "EDS Grounds" and Starfest. It might not get finished today...but it might.

An amphitheater does not have to be manmade. You could even consider a grassy slope to be an amphitheater. If we were creating the venue from scratch I would probably use Amphitheater as an alias not the venue name but since it is often used on the internet I am leaving it as it is listed now.

Aren't the EDS grounds in Plano? Or were they in Dallas back in the 1980s?

Starfest is an event, not a venue. It shouldn't be used as such. BUT we have literally thousands of events listed as venues and we'll never be able to change them all. But many internet listings only give shows listed like that without the actual venue.

One question we need to answer is was "Starfest" an actual "festival" or a concert series spread out over weeks and were events held at these venues that weren't part of Starfest before we decide the best way to proceed.

I can find no info about a Fort Wort Longhorn Ballroom in the 1980s anywhere on the internet. The only thing that turns is the Longhorn Saloon (which is still open). I would bet that was the place given in the ads as it was open at that time and might have used that name too or was a typo.

We have no shows listed for Savvy's from 1981-1985. I really have no idea char was going on with this venue in the intervening years, if it moved or what.

Wiki and Dallas local news sites get the University Park location right tho.

Most of SMU is in University Park not Dallas. Mockingbird Lane marks some of the border between the two and this venue is north of that. Google Maps gives this as a Dallas address but I end up correcting a lot of their stuff. SMU gives Dallas addresses for a lot of their buildings that are in University Park too. Do you know definitely which municipality it is in?

You did give me the exact date of the move from Rawlins to lemmon and I made the change In the Info section but must not have hit submit or something and didn't check if it went like I usually do. My mistake.

Buddy Holly Memorial Concert 1981 only has a September 13 date for its occurrence. You will have to let me know about the individual shows themselves. If only a couple people played on a given date and concerts were held, say every month then this was a "concert series" and not a festival and should not be listed as such. We would then put a Buddy Holly Memorial Concert 1981@Info tag on the setlist and/or mention that in the Comment section.

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