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Nah, Paul is a tall dude, usually fairly well-dressed. He would kinda dip in and out of shows but he was all over Dallas when I was heavy into the music scene there, the kind of guy who could walk into any venue without a hassle. But yeah, I moved away in '06 and don't make it back often. Toured with bands for a while from 09-13 so there's that, too. Never sure if I should have those on my profile or not, kind of inflating my total a bit. But from like 02-10 I was at shows in Dallas, OKC/Norman, and NYC constantly. I probably only have a fraction of them on my profile here, just the ones that I put on my Google calendar at the time.

He's still around, he does some tour managing now as well for bands like Nothing and the Coathangers. He would give me recordings for a few of the shows that we were at together, mostly QOTSA and A Perfect Circle gigs (and I was with him when security tried to throw out one of the singers from the Blood Brothers mid-set, that's on YouTube), but yeah, he didn't seem like he wanted to put too much out there. I know the late, great doorman from Trees and maybe also Gypsy Tea Room (with the long, braided beard -- John, I think?) apparently had EVERYTHING recorded and I remember mentioning to his brother (if memory serves) that they should give the archive to UNT or something. Not sure what became of that.

So INDIGO was the color-named venue I was trying to think of

Oh hold up, this might be super useful. From the Observer's archives:

One guy who was all over that scene and recorded a TON of shows back in the 2000s was John Iskander, who promotes gigs under the name Parade of Flesh now. I haven't talked to him in a while so I'm not sure how chatty/forthcoming he would be, but his YouTube is probably a good resource -- There was also Paul Salfen, who managed the Dallas Music Guide (an online outlet I used to write for) and he may have some memories as well. I think he's a local TV personality these days.

I feel like my memory is blurring a few things together -- I remember a room at the Door that was like a semi-narrow venue with an upper balcony, which is where I attended a Brand New/Senses Fail show in 2003 that got shut down by the fire marshal, which was also probably where I saw that BTBAM show. I also remember going to a Norma Jean/A Life Once Lost show in 2007 that was at the Door but it was a much wider room, almost a warehouse kind of space, maybe even with room for two homemade stages? They may have moved the Door once or twice before setting into the Gypsy Tea Room location, I can't recall.

Even if I'm not being super helpful it's fun trying to sleuth this stuff out. I'm sure a former promoter or venue guy could sort it all out without much trouble.

re: Door side room -- any chance it was called the Wreck Room? Or was that a separate venue entirely? Seeing that on some old tour itineraries

Hmmm struggling to think of the name of that side room at the old Door location. There was a club over in that direction (can't remember if it was the same building) called like...Onyx or Opal or something succinct like that, and I think it was the name of a color. I saw the Black Dahlia Murder and Goatwhore there in 2004 (maybe 2003), but I can't find a list of those tour dates from a quick Google search.

Oops. Thanks for catching it.

Thanks for all the detail but you just had to tell me it was the same ownership. A semi-troll is someone who doesn't provide sources and makes bad/questionable edits or that don't follow the Guidelines. They aren't usually trying to mess things up but almost every edit needs to be checked.

I'm not seeing where this was the same owner of The Prophet bars. If that's the case then we only need one listing, which is a lot easier. Lots of active semi-trolls around right now. If I seem distracted and not responsive that is the reason, not because of any of your posts.

No. They are different venues with different names with no relation to each. Calling it The Prophet Bar on Commerce is no more accurate than The Prophet. We have many venues with the same name in large cities. We'll stick with this for now. Some setlists still need to be moved from one to the other.

I saw an Austin Alley Oop show that you entered. I know that was a different venue name at one time but can't remember which. Let me know if you do.

One of your Comments said they called it The Prophet. I want to distinguish it from the later venue which is the one most likely to have new setlists added to it. It gets confusing for casual Users who will often create a new venue in these circumstances.

Created a venue for the Commerce locale and called it The Prophet and added info for it. Still some setlists that need to be moved there when you or I get the time.

The Prophet Bar seems to have been closed for 20 years. I don't know if there is any connection between the two other than the name. We might need two separate venues.

Grapevine Opry info was wrong and incomplete. Corrected now.

Green Elephant info here that clears up most of the questions.

Actually the Cardi's info was really useful. It confirms there were definitely two Cardi's and the addresses and Edgebrook name gives a rough idea of where Cardi's South was.

I created a new setlist for Monopoly's. Maybe something definitive will surface. One was probably Sep 27.

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