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Santana concert was either rescheduled or Buddy messed up. I merged it out.

You'd be surprised at how many people will add a new venue as Leah's if Leah's Saloon is the only thing that shows up when they enter Leahs. I'm adding aliases too.

Leah's Saloon as the venue name or alias?

I pushed the closing date into 1988. We can change the details later

The local papers probably continued to use the old name because the new name didn't catch on. It seems the venue stopped holding shows in 1988 but it doesn't seem to have left any internet footprint. Let's leave it as is for now and I'll add a comment and if you want to move the 1987 shows from 500 Cafe that is up to you.

Do you think we have the wrong (Nov 86) closing date for the 500 Cafe?

A few new changes have been made in venue configurations this week so that could be a factor in the problem.


I can't find anything on the internet about earlier DCL venues either. I'm just posting the comment below on the venue page and if anything turns up later we'll deal with it then. Chances are that there is a "City Limits" venue, or more than one, in most cities.

There has been more than one venue with the name "Dallas City Limits" or "City Limits" over the years. The venue on Spangler Road opened in 1987.

That Don White info was all I found on that festival, while doing some googling for the DOn White that was at the recent Greenwich Village Folk festival. I'll see what else I can track down on that Festival this week on my days off. Hope you are well there in Texas my friend.

We'll leave the opening date open for DCL for now.

Ownership isn't really of much interest unless it is someone like Willie Nelson or some nationally-known person. Sometimes other stuff might be relevant but isn't anything I would spend much time on.

We've got sourced concerts before that date. I wonder if there was an earlier venue with the same name.

Hey Scott! Sorry about the delay..Hurricane Laura came thru Thursday, and we just got power back today. I'll try to add that musicbrainz info for you. What was the name of the artist? I got that musicbrainz ID and it wouldn't let me add...

Yes there seem to be problems (again) with importing artists.

Yeah, it's weird. I'm not a moderator, try the forum and see what they can do. Good luck!

Can't add it, getting the error:
The import of artist cb5a451c-324a-4f89-9eb6-cf4f9322497a started and might take some time. Try hitting the button again in a few minutes.

Not getting the red error...

Just checking Scarypoolparty @ Inside Lands

Feel free to add Posies shows based on my upload at filefactory. The printed file is at work and I haven't been to Brussels since March 13, and probably won't return until the end of the year.
I put all the info from the old dear23 mailing list (remember those) into a word file which I put on filefactory.
I have enough setlists to add from other sources.
Hope you're OK too, strange days indeed. The online gig Ken will be doing is from a friends house in Holland. I was invited but don't feel like going there. Was in Holland two weeks ago, and nobody seemed to bother to wear a mask, while in Belgium it's common.

I'll bet a lot of these Fort Worth Stockyards shows were held there but I don't know if it is worth the time it would take to find out.

Got you. Will leave as is. I'll add info later.

I am also thinking that West End MarketPlace Courtyard should be considered as an option for this venue because Historiv District as the primary name is pretty generic. At least it seems like it would be applicable to many of the shows that were held there and is still generic enough to cover most of them. Let me know what you think. I won't add any venue info yet.

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