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I keep trace on venezuelan concerts and gigs that I had assisted


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I see you updated the tracklist of Dream Theater's Metropolis 2 to include the Acts and Scenes as per the original release's tracklisting. However, you did not include covered artists, which means that the cover versions still only show the short song titles. Such as

Hi Luis,

Thanks for your efforts. Even though the band Tiny Ruins isn't a very well known band (outside of Australia and New Zealand at least) they're a pet project of mine on

To give some background: the band started out as a one-woman solo project by Hollie Fulbrook in 2009. On the first release from 2012 she has backing from a drummer and bass player. Over the years the band has morphed into a full band, including the same bass player and drummer from the beginning and also a second guitar player.

The album "Hurtling Through" from 2015 is an official release but is a bit of an anomaly within the band's discography as it doesn't feature the other three musicians, just Hollie Fulbrook who started the band but with added percussion from Hamish Kilgour.

I think nearly all songs from the album are in the band's live repertoire:

Tread Softly
Hurtling Through
Little Did I Know
Wandering Aengus
King's County

Hi Luis, I'd like to put in a request the make a modest change. An artist I follow, Tiny Ruins, has three albums under it's own name and one album under a slightly different artist name: "Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour". Although both artists get equal billing; Kilgour is a percussionist.

The songs from this album do not get a proper album assignement, but turn up under "other". Could it be possible to add these songs to the correct album?

This is the entry in Musicbrainz for the album:

If you need any other info from me, please let me know.

Many thanks,


Sabes por cuánto tiempo es el bloqueo? Ojalá muchas gracias.

Muchas gracias por contestar. Abrazo

Hola, cómo está? Seguro agitado con borrar el trabajo que hice varios días, y con mucho amor a la banda que amo... Pero más allá de lo indignado que estoy, ya que siento que se me está censurando en esta página que tanto amo... cuando uno llega a la censura me parece, aparte de un acto tan burócrata, un acto de invalentía al enfrentarse a ello, pero más allá de todo, te quiero pedir a vos (si, porque estoy seguro que fue usted) de desbloquearme la cuenta y seguir editando los setlist que tanto me gusta hacer y editar. Recientemente edité un festival en Australia, en USA y fechas de Red Hot, y me llenaron de comentarios hates como si hubiera hecho lo peor para la página. Que no nos olvidemos el valor de esta hermosa página y seamos felices, que es lo más importante de esta vida, sin rencores... si tienes algo que decirme de algún setlist lo corrigo pero no cometas tal acto, que del otro lado de la pantalla hay alguien que ama la pagina, no la odia! Por dios. Saludos desde Argentina, y suerte para Venezuela.

Prohibido Callar... prohibido callar...

Just wondering why a set can't be created if the event date is more.than 2 days away? Thanx

Gracias por el consejo, a partir de ahora voy a poner "Show con...", asi no se malentiende. Muchas gracias de verdad.

Hola sicko! El agregado del nombre de la gira fue algo erroneo, producto de que el usuario que la había sacado estaba bajo reversión automática. Por favor sácala si te parece que no está bien. Saludos!

Hola, no mala mía.
Fue en el "Teatro del Colegio Don Bosco" pero de Ramos Mejía :)
Ya lo corregí.
Muchas gracias,

Can you send me all Boom X Hooligan setlists u delete before? By email please please send the Boom X Hooligan setlists to this email.
Thank You

Me parece razonable lo que hiciste. Saludos!

Hi, thanks for your comment about this setlist Not sure I deserve to be told off, as Oscar's gig at Shepherd's Bush didn't happen on December 2018 (see here and was in fact rescheduled for 11 August 2019 (see I only updated your setlist with the correct date and added details of all songs etc. Hope this helps.

Hi Tanker,

I saw that you're creating 'Boom X Hooligan' setlists in stadiums big scenarios. I realized that one of them is in a stadium in Caracas that is under maintenance since months ago.

Additionally, you added 'Reset Robot' (UK DJ) setlist with tracks with hungarian titles.

Do you have any proof of the existence of any of this set of setlists?


You just wrote me this and u deleted all of my writings. Can i get back my setlists? Its important.

OK thanks.

If was a private show in someone's living room you need to change it since your upload to the new guidelines