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Ref Clapton 13/05/2013
These are two different songs credited to different writers.
Thanks for your time once again.

Ref Eric Clapton 13th May 2013 and the song.
The song IS Further on down the road by Taj Mahal. It is the song on Old Sock and has completely different lyrics to Farther on up the road which as you correctly say is the Bobby Blue band cover.

Just noticed that Eric Clapton 13th May 2013 LG Arena concer been locked for review. I was going to change the set list as it is Further on down the road from Eric's Old Sock cd and not Farther on up the road.
"Further on Down the Road" (featuring Taj Mahal) (Taj Mahal, Jesse E. Davis) - 5:42
I also have the concert on cd.
Thanks for your time.
Saint Dave (setlist user name)
Dave Parbery

Just wondering why the venues for festivals,
Knebwoth 90, womad genesis six of the best at Milton Keynes Bowl and human rights 1988 at Wembley 1988 don't appear on my venue list.
Saint Dave

Some of these old concerts,like in the 80s and 90s and even before how do people remember the song line ups...and especially if you had a buzz or even more than that...out of all the friggen shows I went to ,was a good thing I kept all the ticket stubs...remember some of the songs,but not the whole fucking line up...

Hey, thanks for updating the tour name for Peter Frampton.

I just noticed that you reverted my edits to Buddy Miles' Them Changes, without leaving an edit comment.

By my previous notes, the song was written by him as a member of Band of Gypsys and first released by them as "Changes". I'm just wondering why you moved it back to Buddy Miles as "Them Changes"?

I am trying to add an event for Jimmie Rodgers on November 12, 1929 but we only go back to 1941. He was the father of country music and we got nothing on him. Now I got a filmed event Camden, New Jersey

I posted a pdf link to the forum. Let me know if you have any problems-Dave

Appreciate the quick response to my post! Thank you so much! \M/

Hello, ExecutiveChimp!

A user by the name of Bw1605 keeps making edits to the most recent show to be featured on "Metallica Monday" that directly contradict your edit that follow website guidelines in regards to medleys (without a source even). He doesn't seem to take too well to my friendly explanations as to why this has possibly changed and seems a bit hostile since he is posting comments completely disregarding any previous discussion. Would it be possible to lock the set in question (I have it linked below) or for you to have a word with the user regarding his actions? Any help here would be appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

Hi there. Can you possibly help?
The Sha-na-na setlist for Woodstock 1969 is Locked for Editing but is incorrect.
Someone has added "Blue Moon" to the setlist. This was not performed. But "A Teenager In Love" was performed (after Who Wrote The Book Of Love), but the track is missing.
The information I have is from the 38 disc box set of every performance at Woodstock, released in 2019.
Can you help with this please?

Hi ExecutiveChimp! I'm trying to create a playlist as accurately as possible for the Isle of Wight Festival 1970, do you know if Richie Havens really played War? Was that a cover of the Edwin Starr Song? or Just Handsome Johnny? Thanks!


Do you have Jeff Healey bootlegs? I 'm a big fan and interested rare recordings,if you have pls contact me.


A problem we might be able to decide (or has already been decided in the past)
is Ronnie Spector singing her old Ronettes songs, as she does with SSJ and Jukes
I would not mind this:

Walking in the Rain @With[e0718a77-e7a0-4602-9592-a0d8d4764c32] @Song[The Ronettes]

but computer wants "cover"
she is the Ronettes!
other song is Be My Baby

thanks for straightening out Steve Van Zandt
there is another song
"Some Things Just Don't Change"
the computer is trying to
Changed cover Steven Van Zandt

I have some good suggestions for programmers
when with= and cover= are the same, do not show cover

This should be simple to implement
that way when Springsteen and Southside Johnny sing "The Fever" we don't get a double Springsteen - it is not a cover when Bruce is involved

I will post in forum

This set by Judy Garland likely has the wrong date. London newspapers report her arriving for this set of shows in late December 1968. The first show was 12/30/1968.

London Observer 12/29/1968

Thanks for your work. I understand where you're coming from. There's been a lot of misinformation about the Lollapalooza tour. It started with Wikipedia, which still does not allow me to edit the tour page to update with the correct information, since according to them I represent the band, which is definitely not the case. Several of the wrong dates were indeed up on Below Empty. It was because they didn't make much sense on their own and were contradicted by band history that I started to look into it, trying to figure out what shows were actually played. I just commented on the 1992-08-12 Stanhope, NJ with a link to two newspaper articles that shed light on the side stage bands for that stop. Only one date (Reston, VA) remains. I have not been able to eliminate that one yet based on document research. The rest is pretty much clear. All my info and sources for the whole tour are collected here: https://belowempty.com/lollapalooza92/

Hi - I didn't see anywhere in the guidelines where '>' was disallowed following a song title; it's a pretty universally-accepted indication of one song blending into another seamlessly - as opposed to a Medley.

Apologies if that's not accepted practise on here.

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